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4310 N. Martin Ave, Building A

Bethany, OK 73008

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Oklahoma City, OK


Koda Norman

Norman, OK

Koda Deer Creek

Edmond, OK

Koda Tulsa

Tulsa, OK

Koda Iron View

Lafayette, CO

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  • Koda Deer Creek
  • Koda Tulsa
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    Why Koda Native

    Koda CrossFit Native is NOW OPEN AGAIN! We are taking precautions due to COVID-19, but have officially opened our doors! We would like to invite you to use our 3-DAY PASS for the month of JUNE! This 3-Day pass is ONLY $15.00 and your classes can be used at anytime this June! We know times are very strange right now, but we know that exercise can be a HUGE STRESS reliever and taking care of your health is a HUGE priority during this pandemic. Please let us know if you would be interested in purchasing this pass or utilizing any of our other membership options we offer.