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Workout of the Day

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Koda CrossFit Native


A1) 5X3-6 Strict Pullups, rest 10s
A2) 5X6 Bent Over Rows, rest 10s
A3) 5X6/6 DB Curls, rest 2 min


Partner WOD- 2 rounds (Follow the Leader Style)
B1) Run 400m
B2) 20 Slam Balls + 20 OH walking Lunges (w/ the slam ball)
B3) Farmers Carry 100m



A) Running Warmup
3 rounds of
0:45 Easy Jog/Walk
15sec “acceleration” (try to get faster on every one)

B) Run Specific Mobility – 5 Min

Intervals – 19:15
C1) 1 Round of 3:00 @ Tempo Pace – 2:00 Rest/Walk
THEN, right into
C2) 5 Rounds (0:45 “Hard”, 1:30 Walk/Rest)
C3) 3:00 jog cooldown

D) 6min EMOM: 10 Jump Squats – 10/10 Renegade Rows
E) 6min EMOM: 6/6 OH Lunges – 6/6 Kneeling Rainbow Slams
F) 6min EMOM: 5-10 Tempo Pushups – 30s Boat Hold


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