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    Brice Collier

    Owner/Head Programmer

    Brice Collier - Owner, Head Programmer, and The General


    Brice Collier began doing CrossFit in February 2007 when he was playing on the Air Force Academy Rugby team and looking for a conditioning program "more exciting than doing sprints over and over again." He was selected USA Rugby Collegiate All-American in 2008 and continued to play rugby for the Air Force Active Duty (2008-2009) and U.S. All Military (2010) teams.

    With CrossFit, he notes, "no matter how far I progress there are still areas that need attention." He loves the constant challenge of pushing towards new goals and the euphoria he feels each time he reaches a milestone.

    As a coach, Brice is a close observer of his clients, careful to watch for and correct any erroneous movement patterns that could result in an athlete's injury. He also motivates people to push past their comfort levels, and loves seeing his athletes grow in confidence as their physical fitness increases. Opening Koda CrossFit is a natural extension of Brice's passion for helping people achieve their goals.

    During his 2011-2012 deployment, Brice coached fellow service members in CrossFit at Camp Vance. He also wrote Koda's programming and kept in touch with gym members remotely, sending tips and nutrition advice via email. Upon his return, he was thrilled to come home to a gym that was not just operational, but thriving. "We are constantly adding classes, buying more equipment, hiring more trainers, and expanding our current footprint," he explains, describing the process as "a beautiful rush of nerves and excitement." He is glad to be back working with his clients face-to-face.

    Born and raised in West Texas, Brice fell in love with a Okie girl and is happily at home in OKC.

    Jared Muse

    Owner and Coach

    Jared Muse - Owner, Coach and Director of Fun


    Jared Muse started doing CrossFit in 2009 and was immediately drawn to the mix of competitiveness and camaraderie. He values the friendships that develop from working through tough challenges together. Before coming to the sport, Jared played and taught golf professionally for ten years and also had a background in basketball, baseball, and track. He brings to CrossFit the same eye for detail that he used as a golf pro, helping his athletes make the adjustments they need in order to improve.

    Jared's clients can expect a hard workout and a good time. As he explains it, "I want them to leave the gym smiling, no matter how tired their bodies may feel." In that spirit, he keeps classes fun, and constantly pushes his athletes to be their best. Jared also has a talent for persuading people to try new things. He loves celebrating with clients when they accomplish feats they did not know they could do. He also frequently pulls together groups to participate in local running events, especially events that benefit a good cause.

    He is largely - or perhaps entirely - responsible for the color scheme at Koda CrossFit. Originally from Heavener, Oklahoma, Jared now lives in Edmond with his amazing and very adored wife, Mai, and their two dogs. He wants Koda CrossFit to grow into a fitness community with a positive impact throughout the Oklahoma City area.

    Natalie Pulgini

    Manager and Coach

    Natalie Pulgini - Manager and Coach


    Taylor Sanders


    Taylor Sanders - Coach


    I have always been very competitive! I enjoy fitness, being active and playing games. I'm a huge child! I love practicing skills and the sense of accomplishment I feel when I master them. I love lifting heavy things and feeling strong. My first CrossFit class was in 2012. I was hooked from day one! It's so fun. There are so many variables, it's always something new!

    I started coaching at Koda in 2014 and I am grateful for every second. I look forward to the hours I get to spend at the gym and all the different people I get to be around. Helping them with their fitness goals and seeing their excitement when they achieve something makes me feel very happy.

    Another reason why I do crossfit is because it makes everyday life that much easier. Like, walking up my stairs, carrying all 15 sacks of groceries in a one time, or walking around the zoo all day!

    Lastly, I like to tell people it saved my life. Because it did. My appendix ruptured in 2015 and poisoned me for two days. My surgeon told me that because I came in so healthy, I probably lived a day longer than I should have. That's neat, to me. That my body is that tough.

    CrossFit prepares you for life. I love it so much!

    Anthony Robb


    Anthony Robb - Coach and Koda Movements Trainer

    Anthony (affectionately known around Koda as "A-Robb") used to be the guy that corporate gyms bank on: he would pay for a membership then only sporadically show up. Though he enjoyed some recreational basketball and had taken up running, he says it was with CrossFit that he finally found something that would keep him consistent in fitness. "Once I got into the lifts and movements I had never done before, I was hooked." He points to the constant variation, the ability to continually improve, and the overall fun as reasons why, after more than three years doing CrossFit, he has never felt bored or burned out with his workouts.

    Anthony began coaching in order to share his passion and help other people have the same great experiences that he has had. He likes to emphasize that CrossFit is for everyone. "I'm a normal person," he says, "which proves you don't have to be an elite athlete in order to participate." He adopts his clients' goals as his own and strives to be a positive influence both in and away from the gym. He loves seeing how CrossFit and the Koda family help people change their lives.


    • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
    • CrossFit Football Trainer
    • B.S., Nutritional Sciences/Fitness (University of Missouri Columbia)
    • B.S., Accounting (University of Central Oklahoma)

    Ryan Wilkinson


    Ryan Wilkinson - Coach

    Ryan started CrossFitting in 2008 off of the main site. In 2009 he joined CrossFit OKC in Oklahoma City and was a member there until he moved to Enid in 2011. While in Enid Ryan helped the owners open CrossFit Enid in 2014 and became the head programmer until moving back to OKC in May of 2017. Before CrossFit, Ryan was a multi-sport athlete in high school and then played baseball for 4 years at Southern Nazarene University in Bethany, OK.

    Ryan came to CrossFit looking to fulfill the competitive drive he had in his days of athletics. "I first found CrossFit looking for something to push myself physically and mentally. I was tired of the mundane gym experience. As I've come to understand CrossFit in more depths, I'm realizing this is a journey not a destination. It's motivating to not only see yourself improve but also see your members improve. Seeing joy in a members face when they hit a new PR makes it exciting to come coach every day." Besides CrossFit Ryan is a teacher and head basketball coach at Bethany High School.


    • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

    Todd Matthews


    Todd Matthews - Coach

    Bio Coming Soon

    Doug Bridges


    Doug Bridges - Coach

    Shortly after moving to Oklahoma in 2012, Doug joined Koda CrossFit. He was looking for something to help him shed a few unwanted pounds and the local gym wasn’t cutting it. Growing up, Doug was involved with football, baseball, basketball, hockey and track, so the competitive nature of CrossFit kept him coming back. While Doug has never been a member at any CrossFit gym besides Koda, he knows it is the best fit for him because of the community and the constant push to improve that is provided at Koda.

    Although he has been a member since 2012, Doug has only been coaching since 2016. When coach/owner, Jared Muse, asked if he would be interested in taking a CrossFit L1 course, he didn’t have to think twice. His answer was “Yes!” From that point forward, Doug has been extremely excited about coaching. “I look forward to the end of my day, when I get to head to the gym. Whether it be to coach or to workout myself, I always know I’m going to have a great time.”