Koda CrossFit Native


4310 N. Martin Ave, Building A

Bethany, OK 73008

Koda OKC

Oklahoma City, OK


Koda Norman

Norman, OK

Koda Deer Creek

Edmond, OK

Koda Tulsa

Tulsa, OK

Koda Iron View

Lafayette, CO

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  • Koda OKC
  • Koda Norman
  • Koda Deer Creek
  • Koda Tulsa
  • Koda Iron View
  • Koda Native - Our Gym

    About Koda Native

    Koda CrossFit Native is conveniently located in Bethany, Oklahoma off of Route 66 and Martin Ave. "Koda" is the Sioux word for friend. It symbolizes the brotherhood that once existed between those who lived, hunted, and went to battle together. It now represents the family dynamic that is what makes the Koda CrossFit Community unique.

    Koda CrossFit Native is owned and operated by Natalie Pulgini, Brice Collier, and Jared Muse. Brought together by their passion for general fitness and desire to positively impact the local community, the Koda Organization opened Koda Native’s doors in August of 2015.

    The staff at Koda CrossFit Native believes encouraging a team environment along with safe, efficient movement patterns is the key to both individual and group success. After visiting Koda CrossFit Native you will see how our community is important and our programming strategies are changing lives on a daily basis.

    From the Koda Family to our Native Family, we welcome you, and we will strive to make you proud.

    Why Koda CrossFit Native?