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Workout of the Day

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Koda CrossFit Native


6X1.1.1 Clean and Jerk


EMOM for 18min (6 sets of each)
Min 1: 7 Deadlifts (HEAVY)
Min 2: 7 BB Burpees
Min 3: 7 Strict Dips


A) 5X3 DB Hang Power Clean

B1) 3X15 DB Press, Rest 10s
B2) 3X 10 3-Way Shoulder Raises, rest 2 min

C1) 4X8/8 Weighted Lunges, rest 10s
C2) 4X4 Vertical Jumps, Rest 2 min

D1) 3X15 Strict Pullups
D2) 3X30-60s HS Hold

E) 2 rounds
20 Ring Dips
20 Slam Balls
60s Goblet Squat Hold (SOLID)

Friday, May 26, 2017

Koda CrossFit Native


5×75%, 3×85%, 1+x95%


Jackie Practice
5 rounds, each for time
Row 250/200m
12 Thrusters (75/55)
9 Pullups


A1) 3X15-20 Hollow Rocks
A2) 3X10/10 Plank + Weight Slides
A3) 3X20-30s L-Hang Hold with Weight

B1) 3X30s Tall Plank
B2) 3X10/10 Weighted Side Bends
B3) 3X10 V-Ups

C1) 3X10/10 Landmine Row and Press
C2) 3X 15/15 Bicycle Crunches

3 Rounds
AB 15/10 Cals
10/10 Lateral Step Overs
15 Slam Balls (light)

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Koda CrossFit Native


A) Bench Press
5×75%, 3×85%, 1+x95%


B) 9 min Partner WOD – Alternating Movements
12 WBS
9 T2B
6 Burpee Box Overs

C) 3 min active rest

D) Repeat B- Beat score

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